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Gaia's Gathering


Presented by Wild Heart Sanctuary

Coming back in August 2025


Our Sacred Dream

Healing from the soil to the soul.

We are a globally driven community gathering acting locally. Concentrated on regeneration.

This land is a magnetic center of healing. Holistically healing humanity’s relationship with self, one another, Earth, and the cosmos. As a sanctuary of deep healing and a beacon of light this oasis in the desert is an example of what is possible when we co-exist and collaborate. Wild Heart Sanctuary invites you to take part in this movement and receive the medicine of connecting with nature.


Gaia's Gathering 2025

Welcome to Gaia's Gathering

Hosted by Gaia's Oasis!

With a New approach.

    In this new approach we invite you all to embrace a more cohesive experience as we weave together in a mindful way. This means more participants in every workshop. A formulated experience that takes you deeper into connection with Earth. Bringing in elements of Earth Democracy as taught by Vandana Shiva to educate on and stimulate environmental action. We want to create a greater impact and we hope you can come join hands with us! We will be swirling our consciousness together to elevate the community for a deeply aligned experience with Mother Earth and all the elements. In honor of our elders and the spirits of the land.  Please apply to teach, volunteer or watch out for ticket announcements in 2025. 

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Tickets Available
March 2025


Healing from the Soil to the Soul

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